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Rough character lineup, probably at this stage the main characters though it’s missing a few. Also i realized i need more dudes after doing this, Myrick is like the only main dude atm.

Would like to render these up all nice and proper, will see how time goes.

Zbrush is hard ;__; 

Submitted version. I’m fairly happy with it, i really need to do more fininished-ish illustrations, just for fun because i miss it. It was good to take something to a state of completion :P Need to work on rendering metal better though :S

Stepping out of the comfort zone a bit, robot police for a comp. Decided to enter on a whim hopefully get it finished tomorrow..?

Dellah that is not an attractive face…. 

Side note, i’m having a hard time dealing with trying to focus on either 2D or 3D, i don’t feel like i’m going to get anywhere improvement wise unless i focus or one or the other but i kind of want to do both (even just for fun). Anyone have similar issues with this kind of thing, flip flopping between interests?

So i finally actually legit got Z-Brush, now i have to learn the damn thing properly. 

Some progress on Dellah, as may be obvious my anatomy challenge has fallen a bit to the wayside. I’m trying to juggle doing it with getting some new portfolio work (3D stuff) done before GCAP14 where major networking will be done. I am not complaining about being privileged enough to have a full time job but gosh darn it’s exhausting, time has never been so precious D:


 Dellah in various states of undress. I’ve been thing a lot about construction latley so i wanted to work out how her general outfit went together. I might try to do this with some of the others who have a standardized outfit, or at least like a costume lineup. 

Uh oh.

Day 8 general study. Still need to do my day 6 plein airs, definitely a new record in getting behind on a challenge ;__;

12 Weeks of Anatomy +