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Kenna’s cousin is as stylish as she is a menace. Back on TCR for now. I got some good advice from a friend regarding what i want to do comic wise.

Dailies 6/8

Something i may finish at some point, a re-render of an old piece. Fem!Reaver from Fable III. I really love those games.

I need some advice. I am approaching a stage where i will have time and means to start actually publishing a comic online. The thing is i am not sure whether i should keep going at TCR or try out this new Australian zombie one. I’m worried that my writing is not good enough for what i want to do with TCR which is why i am thinking about this other one which is a lot more straightforward but i have spent a lot of time on TCR already and it seems more interesting maybe?

Anyway i was just wondering if any of my followers had any opinions about this dilemma, do people actually want to see TCR come to life as it were? Or are you guys indifferent.

Congratulations on your face Ben Allen. ref 1hr warm up


This guy again. Dat hair



Um Neil, where did you get that baby? I wish i could call the comic ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ but that’s taken :(( And maybe not dramatic enough. 

Anyway there will probably be more of these guys for dailies


Daddy’s money can’t save her now.

Lucy from my prospective Australian Zombie comic, name pending. Mega bitch, cold, calculating, in it to win it. 

So i’m going to try and start doing ‘dailies’, basically just some kind of drawing, sketch, study, painting etc a day that isn’t work related. Let’s see how far we get shall we.

Study of Julian Casablancas from his ridiculous Lonely Island cameo

I just realised pretty much all the men I draw have the same general haircut and generous facial hair. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I needed a painting time out, Neil from a different comic i’m thinking about doing. One that involves zombie mutants and lots of Australian sass.