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I’ve been feeling extremely motivated and positive about practicing my art lately but also inundated with this feeling of intense lacking in everything i do. Like i just have so far to go i feel like i’m trying to paddle a canoe with a spoon :1

Idk I think i’m just feeling incredibly insecure right now. Feelings, what a bunch of rubbish.

Doing some basic proportion practice. I can’t believe i never really knew about the concept of ‘landmarks’ before. Weak.

Also week 2 of the screenshot challenge turned out slightly shittier than the first haha I need to work harder :1

Character design for my CDW class. I’m actually taking Visual Development for Animation which is largely setting development but our instructor was sick this week so i took it upon myself to design a character for my setting. 

My story sentence is “A city-slicking Sorcerer/alchemist takes up a residential position in a remote but thriving mining village”.

This guy is meant to be a posh magical dude who finds himself in a smelly, cold and simple mining village. I imagine him as a bit snooty and dogmatic but he is generous and kind hearted in a kind of doctor way. In terms of magic and setting imagine Howls Moving Castle universe with Scottish and Icelandic Suni influences.

Also yeah, Gilderoy Lockheart.

So i’m pretty much the worst DnD player ever, but at least my character is fun.

AUBolin maybe? Idk. Trying to practice skin colouring. ref used

So i started doing a thing with my friends where we try and do a movie cap study everyday. Surprisingly enough i haven’t missed  day yet, in fact i did 2 today and yesterday. Amazing right. I’m also enrolled in Scott Eaton’s anatomy class starting next week plus a CDW class that started on Tuesday. I guess you could say im feeling motivated right now. Work is going well which helps. 

Doodling some ideas for a new character, a magic using bounty hunter/terrorist. Will keep developing. Onwards and upwards.

WIP or the Camaran throne room. Need to do more environmentsssss

We made new DnD characters and now i’m a hipster druid.