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12/16 ref.

Super rough, i had soccer this evening and got home at 11, so tired  ;__; 

Ugh colours :1

11/15 ref.


Im thinking of picking up this ‘virtual plein air’ business from Facebook on the regular. Will update

Sam Riley for dailies. I didn’t realise he was in Malificent and now i want to see it :1


I missed a few days because i’m a dumbum :/

Kenna taking names as she is wont to do


I ordered some new art books (and some philosophy ones but who cares about that amirite) so expect another anatomy challenge soon : >


Dodgy anatomy lulzzzzzzzzz

Kenna’s cousin is as stylish as she is a menace. Back on TCR for now. I got some good advice from a friend regarding what i want to do comic wise.

Dailies 6/8

Something i may finish at some point, a re-render of an old piece. Fem!Reaver from Fable III. I really love those games.

I need some advice. I am approaching a stage where i will have time and means to start actually publishing a comic online. The thing is i am not sure whether i should keep going at TCR or try out this new Australian zombie one. I’m worried that my writing is not good enough for what i want to do with TCR which is why i am thinking about this other one which is a lot more straightforward but i have spent a lot of time on TCR already and it seems more interesting maybe?

Anyway i was just wondering if any of my followers had any opinions about this dilemma, do people actually want to see TCR come to life as it were? Or are you guys indifferent.