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 Oh wow its me! Long time, i know, i know i’ve been very slack on the blog side of things. Lots has been happening which is not a great excuse but you know.

Anyway, my internship ended today which was really sad (at least for me haha) I wish i could stay there longer it was such a great work environment. This is the last piece i did while i was there. I mostly did super rough concepts and in-house asset work which i’ll show a bit of later, so it was nice to do something illustrative for my final hurrah as it were.

The whole process took 2 days* and the final piece took just over one of those days (*8 hour working days). The whole piece was a bit of an amalgamation of all the stuff i learnt, so the development pipeline as well as a lot of technical and theoretical art stuff i picked up from Chris Green, their in-house illustrator (who is so nice, and skilled and just was so ready to teach me stuff which i am so appreciative for). Basically the subject matter tied into some other concept stuff i was working on (i did lots of concepts for the tank robot which i’ll post later) and the rabbits are the 'Double Happy' rabbits. The process i went through was sketching the thumbnails until lunch and presenting them to Justin (Producer/manager). I then fleshed out colour thumbnails for the three i liked best until maybe 3pm-ish that day. Justin chose the final colour thumbnail he liked to take to a finished piece and then i polished it up for the rest of that day and today.

The development process is something i’m really happy i learnt and went through as i think it will help a lot in my freelance work in the future. Definately one of the biggest things i got out of the internship was becoming confident in pitching ideas and working for ‘clients’.

I want to write more but i have an essay that is for actual grades to finish so i will write more about this stuff later :)

So i know I’ve disappeared for a while, i’ve been super busy with Uni and  for those who don’t know i’m also currently interning at Monkeystack, which is an animation and games studio in Adelaide. i don’t know if i’ll be able to post anything i’m working on but i’ll do some general journal posts about the experience soon. Applications for AVCon Artist Alley also just opened for this year (i’m running it again) and i got about 20 emails in an hour D: I’ll start posting art again soon too i promise. 

It’s another World-Building Wednesday, huzzah! Just a small one really, i need to do more work fleshing out the environments in the story but this is one i’ve had on the brain so it was about time i got it down in a decent form, what is it you ask?  Why Dellah’s house of course which features mostly at the start of the comic.

Dellah lives with her mother Khali, younger sister Mahala and twin cousin ruffians Amara and Anan. Their house is a small 3 roomed building located at the back of a large compound in the middle class area of the city. Khali works as a governess-esque figure for the family who own the compound and Mahala works as a servant in the same household. Despite being small because of the climate in Camara most of the year the family can extend their living outside and the house is well kept and safe behind walls. Dellah and Mahala practically live on the roof during summer enjoying the sun in the evenings and to get away from the twins who aren’t old enough to be allowed on the roof. There are also several other ‘in house’ servants who live on the compound so meals and evenings are often shared and social.


My Diablo monk is coming along nicely, just got to find time in my mental week to finish her and her background by Friday :s

I drew a lot of Dellah today, some are better than others. Some are a bit creepy, but i kind of imagine Dellah as having the potential to be creepy in an unintentional way. ART

Starting to approach something i want to tie down. I don’t mean to bore anyone with all these minor style changes and fluctuations but i really need to get comfortable with how i’m going to draw the comic, so thanks for bearing with me :P 

Messy Dellah sketches. I’m trying to get a better feel with her as i havn’t drawn her as much as i need to. She was meant to be a bit fatter than this but she’s kind of turning out to be very scrawny on top (i still really want her to have a big butt). I’m not sure how i feel about it haha also i keep fluctuating her shoulder width and head size. Must get some consistency D: Any how Dellah’s probably one of the most dramatic and expressive characters so she’s fun to draw with wacky expressions. 

I have to go fill in for my old soccer team in an hour and i’m 99% sure I’ve totally forgotten how to play :1

It’s Society building Saturday! This babalicious babe is Odoura, the crown princess of Orissa. She’s probably actually the secondary protagonist of the story i suppose and yet i’ve hardly shared her. She’s one of my favorite characters in the story actually.

Odoura - 26

Odoura is the crown Princess of Orissa and next in line for the throne after her mother, Shezarde. Like most Camaran citizens Odoura completed her military training and is proficient in both combat and military leadership. She is strong willed but can be emotionally compromised by her mother with who Odoura has a complicated relationship with. She is married to the Prince regent Ikhyd and has one child, the 4 year old Prince Yavan. Unlike her step-brother and mother Odoura is less interested in mysticism and magic and is more concerned by the people around her and in her city. She is exceptionally empathetic and strongly advocates for the end of the Orissan-Khal war.

The rest of the colour studies (finally) This week has been so tiring ;__;