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Submitted version. I’m fairly happy with it, i really need to do more fininished-ish illustrations, just for fun because i miss it. It was good to take something to a state of completion :P Need to work on rendering metal better though :S

Stepping out of the comfort zone a bit, robot police for a comp. Decided to enter on a whim hopefully get it finished tomorrow..?

Dellah that is not an attractive face…. 

Side note, i’m having a hard time dealing with trying to focus on either 2D or 3D, i don’t feel like i’m going to get anywhere improvement wise unless i focus or one or the other but i kind of want to do both (even just for fun). Anyone have similar issues with this kind of thing, flip flopping between interests?

So i finally actually legit got Z-Brush, now i have to learn the damn thing properly. 

Some progress on Dellah, as may be obvious my anatomy challenge has fallen a bit to the wayside. I’m trying to juggle doing it with getting some new portfolio work (3D stuff) done before GCAP14 where major networking will be done. I am not complaining about being privileged enough to have a full time job but gosh darn it’s exhausting, time has never been so precious D:


 Dellah in various states of undress. I’ve been thing a lot about construction latley so i wanted to work out how her general outfit went together. I might try to do this with some of the others who have a standardized outfit, or at least like a costume lineup. 

Uh oh.

Day 8 general study. Still need to do my day 6 plein airs, definitely a new record in getting behind on a challenge ;__;

12 Weeks of Anatomy +

The Oli family are not exactly know for their subtlety . Kenna and Lae from TCR.

Procrastinating on Anatomy challenge by drawing TCR, i’m not sure i can be entirely upset by that.


New Character Posters for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1”
In Theaters November 21, 2014